jrg electric vanJRG is a full service electrical contractor serving the greater Los Angeles and Orange county. We specialize in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential electrical services, as well as lighting maintenance.  Our priority is to take care of all your electrical needs.  We’re here to serve you no matter how big or small the job.
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Our highly trained and licensed electricians are ready to answer all your questions regarding your electrical needs.  We provide full project management, installation, and maintenance for all kinds of facilities.   We are able to support large commercial and industrial electrical projects.

We take full pride in offering valuable service to all types of clients in many different industries.  We specialize in all types of projects such as new constructions commercial projects to small home troubleshooting problems.

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Electrical Contractor Los Angeles: Future Is Now In Home Automation Remember the Jetsons? That cartoon family who lived in a home in which the house itself served up their every need plus wish? We’re not quite there yet still as a society, but we’re getting surprisingly close. Advancements in automation regarding home residences have made [...]